Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ante-Digital Dust Bunnies III

Shades of green. Envy, that is. Friends are escaping the dreariness of the wet coast in winter; they've flown or are soon to fly the coop to Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, India, Belize, and yes, Hawaii. So I thought I'd pull out of the ante-digital vault proof, real film proof, of my previous life living on the Big Island of Hawaii while providing a needed infusion of lively greens, a sight for sore winter eyes. 

Papaya and lilikoi

Spiky fern

Waipi'o moss and illi illi stones

Papakolea Beach, green with olivine

Rainbow eucalyptus

The many greens of Ohe'o


1 comment:

  1. Let me add to the list! Just heard that more friends are headed to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, San Diego and Mexico... Hope you all get sunburned - well, not really.