Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Long Time No Blog

Well, here I am. It's cozy season again and I have a few small things to show for my absence from this blog: I helped a friend get a retail store up and running, I tackled and tamed our overgrown yard, I reorganized our basement twice (and it's due for it again already), I made some new Facebook friends and some new local friends too, and, oh yeah, I had another baby. He's still a small thing though - 7 weeks old - but getting bigger by the day as those babies tend to do.
I'm not sure if it's my postpartum hormones that urge me to blog or the time of year or, and this is my most recent theory: it's being offered challenging work that I'd like to take on but just can't find the mental or temporal capacity for and so, after contemplating what life would be like with that crazy workload that I've just now turned down, I suddenly feel as if I have tonnes of spare time for endeavors like blogging and composing a family photo wall in my dining room and running every second evening and reading real books and not just the first page of magazines (see my first blog post back in September, 2010 for further thoughts on that last one). It's like how you feel better than ever when you recover from a headache; it's all perspective but it's nice to fool yourself sometimes.
And so yes, I am hoping to pick up this blog again, along with my running shoes, just as the rainy season descends upon us here on the West Coast. Stay tuned as I've got lots to say and I'm hoping to make the time to write some of it down.

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