Sunday, April 7, 2013

Does DIY = Domestic Bliss?

I have a can-do attitude and believe that homegrown and homemade are almost always best, but am I a DIY-er? Well, er, I make pizza dough and pie crust from scratch - does that count? I make my own Christmas and birthday cards. I plant a veggie garden and rescue plants from back alleys and demolition sites. I make killer compost. I made my own twine trellis for sweet peas and runner beans. I mend but I do not sew. I own a paper cutter and can wield a glue gun but I most certainly do not do this:

This is what you get when you Google image search "DIY"

I'm creative sometimes, resourceful often, and keen to improve things always, but modge podge is just not a part of my daily vocab. And yet I feel like a do-it-yourselfer at heart. I want DIY my way to modern-day domestic bliss like so many other mama bloggers!

Sometimes I see a blog that knocks my socks off and I think, "Wowza. That's crazy beautiful and inspiring and so lovely." And then other times I see an over-the-top wonderful blog and I think, "How does she do it? She has more kids than me. Can someone please explain before I decide to give up on all my creative endeavors?"

Usually this pit of self despair is followed by a couple days off blogging until I have an uplifting family day full of reaffirming self worth like we did today. We spent the whole day in the nearby fishing village turned tourist hot spot, Steveston. We visited a massive playground at the local community centre, we walked the boardwalk, had a picnic at the beach, watched the kites, threw rocks in the water - an ever popular pastime from which our boys never seem to tire - and then the sun came out and it was back to the playground for round two! To top it off, we didn't spend a penny more than the fuel it cost to drive there - 20 min each way. Today was a prime example easy, breezy domesticity and summer's yet to come! I think I'll put up another twine trellis soon and blog about the it this time.

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  1. Yes, you are a do-it-yourselfer. No doubt.
    The definition of DIY clearly needs to be expanded.