Thursday, November 15, 2012

All I Want for Christmas...

A waterproof picnic blanket in a bold and/or retro pattern like these from Portland's PoBa.

A gift certificate to any upstanding stationery store such as The Regional Assembly of Text or Buchan's.

I'll take any number and any combination of these mugs from Dahlhaus Ceramics. I have never coveted pottery like this before; it makes my heart ache. Available at Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Dec 8 & 9 at Heritage Hall on Main St.

A gift certificate with Victory Gardens to help me spend the $100 I need to get a free consultation to better plan and expedite my garden next spring.

A gift certificate to any of these Vancouver restaurants that I've been wanting to visit: Wildebeest, The Acorn, or Fray.

A gift certificate towards having my couch cleaned by Roya's Carpet Care because they have the best reviews on Yelp and decent prices, they use eco-friendly products, and I want my once-beige couch to look as pristine as the one in the picture on their website (see above). Baby drool begone!

Tickets to a show of any kind (concert, ballet, theatre, etc)
Pedicure gift certificate
Books on local history
Smartwool socks

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