Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Digital Dust Bunnies I

Like most people these days, I take a lot of photos. Unlike most people, I converted entirely to digital photography somewhat reluctantly. Don't get me wrong, I think the digital way is more convenient and user-friendly (though typing that out makes me cringe and hope my beloved, well-traveled, non-digital, SLR camera didn't hear me think it). Each year I've had my digi-cam I've taken more and more photos. I started in 2007 taking 236 and so far this year I've taken nearly 800. Now these stats are skewed as 99% of this year's photos are of my 8 month old baby boy (and I know full well that the next kid won't be quite so well documented). Nonetheless, I have a lot of images on my hard drive and, while I don't have shoeboxes full of negatives, neither do I have have photo albums to show, share, or peruse (unless you count online albums).
So I was thinking about printing out the best of the last four years and while going through my early digital images I realized that I'd forgotten that I used to take shots of subjects other than baby Oakley. Here's a few images that aren't film but are at least pure in the sense that it was before I knew how to crop and retouch photos on my computer. Photos like these always feel like they deserve more than to be relegated to a position next to pictures of our summer croquet party, and yet I'm not about to blow them up and hang them on my wall, so I've deemed them blog worthy.

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